…Laughter makes hypocrites of us all…


Engaging disquiet while embracing presentable body language is the accepted spank in the sequence of impassioned human slap sessions, where some present the other cheek, others manipulate it into slapstick madness sans Holly-Wood instruction. Being that nothing’s more common than birth & death these moments either strike a child’s buttocks with a Dr.’s latex slap, or convey the inevitable standing over that child’s casket with sunken then moored frontal features. However it’s when the moored facial features are present that a slap is vital, like laughing at a funeral we require distraction, for reality never settles in pose. Its movements are cloaked in murk and only probed when the hallucination is perplexing, or even too convincing. So I laugh at a priest’s safe humor while attending a funeral because it distracts from where I am. Abandoning the reality that any other encounter with a priest’s safe humor would be met with straitjacket stiffness from a secured shrug. The reality is…
…Laughter makes hypocrites of us all…

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