The Impossible Task of Understanding Earthworms (redefined)


Securing silence requires the ability to avoid earthworms trudging below loud feet, earthworms as senseless laborers wandering through soil. Above
Credit cards snap with a flick of magnetic alignment, joint operation assuring carpal tunnel and purchase. Earthworms blind. Earthworms in choir with frack-sand, with muted steps, with humping groundhogs. Above
An outsole departs from its sibling vamp, the significance of corporate insignia treads off with each footstep. A man in cotton Dockers creased his khakis when he placed his foot on a stool and stood before a focus group discussing the positives of corporate insignia. His wife bought them on wholesale. He has 13 pairs. They’re the same color as clean earthworms. Earthworms don’t remember tomorrow or the moment. Earthworms are in the moment but don’t remember it. Earthworms are never bored.
Earthworms are never bored.
Earthworms are never.


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