The Divine Comedy Rewritten as a Sitcom


Sobriety. Leaking tulips-
Consider a tear duct’s dance
When swelling. Our recent
Correspondence culminated
In laundry
Suspended throughout my bedroom.
On lamps, closet doors and the edges of boxes
I hung my clothes to dry.
Sobriety. Leaking tulips-
I was stranded with moisture
And the air smelled of sandalwood
Fucked by beer.
Virgil described his inferno absent blue.
His mutilation of soul
Colored like a spout used for bloodletting.
“Medical instruments rust pleasantly
But age aggressively like genitals.”
By bottom brimstone
Poets imprint insignia
On walls
Using soot scraped from their toes,
Accumulated from a muddy descent.

Diamonds tumble as prisms
Even in Hell. Flame scorched rainbows
Taste compromise
With a frown
Or smile
Depending upon the angle of the observer.

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