By Birth an Occasion


Concealed by silhouette
Recognized as human
Through a cough-
And a cigarette glinting
And naked shoulders hunched
On the stairs. I know him
As an occasion
And come home drunk.
Passing the bathroom
Jonnie drops his dentures
Familiar ting of acrylic resin
Landing on ceramic
Articulates his decay.

Jonnie is being evicted
And hasn’t slept in days.

Jonnie fought as a marine
But exists as an occasion.

Downstairs Guy strips the copper
From defective AC units. He’s being evicted too.
He told me that when he feels depressed
He visits his girlfriend’s kids. Jonnie told me
She only calls him for money. Consumerism cures
Humans are like that.
They’ll continue to fail
If there are occasions of happiness.

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