Comparing Art and Other Follies.


I was comparing mediums, actually, 4 pictures organized like a checkerboard if a dominant rectangle settled next to regular squares and pressed upon each interpretation: TV, Movie, Animation, Game and Comic was a label. From whence did it start then, that is, where did the examination commence? At the onset of alphabet, or color placement inside the meme? Was it even fair to compare live action to animation? If a cartoon leaps away from an explosion that’s understood as fiction but it’s honest. More honest than live action, rather, not created to deceive through special effects and scripted dialogue. Granted animation is scripted too, but that’s all it’ll ever be. Actors take off their personas when they leave the set, ditching their orchestrated personality for the “real world.” But the cartoon is home. The screen is its dinner table, the panels of a comic its white walls calm and comfortable as a sanitarium. I often cringe when phrases reverberate such as, “the book was better” or “I prefer the comic to the movie.” The guidelines differ as we transition from art form to art form. Each conveying its own standard of purity and pride, how, then, can one critique as if they’re all the same? Thus I abandoned my inquiry into which was better and observed the meme for it was/is a collage in celebration of the imagination.

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