White People…Am I Right?


The white populace arose in a pale mutant wave and at its trough we knew from the wiggling toes that the crest composed of pointed fingers would impale our throats as we stood with our jaws touching the ground in disbelief. We couldn’t initiate our gag-reflexes quick enough and now their fingers rest in our stomachs like ambitious ulcers. I mumble retorts during deliberations and study the reflexes of the opposing orator, for as loud as their squabble is compared to my mumble their body language will counteract this volume with an impenetrable scream that dominates the sound waves.
“God gave us two ears to listen.”
It also bequeathed us with the ability to rupture ear drums with nothing more than vibrations. Thus the fragile capability of acquiring knowledge through sound is under onslaught each time someone opens their mouth and sings. I sang in the voting booth. Others sang louder. Others chose to stay home and hum.
Kum ba yah my fellow chorus constituents and we’ll acknowledge silence as if it’s a battle cry.

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