The Impossible Task of Soliciting Simplicity (Part 1)


Moisture abdicates translucent fashion like white dignitaries capturing a selfie in an attempt to showcase their normality to a dumbfounded electorate. But as silent flakes descend and punctuate sidewalk I acknowledge the conversation that manifests from stumbling visitors. Steps shall converse differently than before. Clack abandoned for crunch. Steps converse differently and I am reminded of Captain Crunch dry as skeletons stripped of tissue, gnawed on by gnarled smiles. Footsteps plagiarize the noise of trademarked corn syrup and I am reminded of meth-mouth and the lack of saliva resigning exposed bone to digest trademarked corn syrup by sheer will of desire.

I see domesticated humans igniting living room lamps blistering through snowfall. I count on fingers & toes the shows watched in each living room. Video games. Video games. Disregard. I visualize cardboard boxes vandalized with moving pictures illustrated by world renowned artists. I interchange the visuals with their televisions. I chuckle as domesticated humans scramble diagonally interloping through furniture. The living room couch becomes an obstacle of endearment and then something to avoid. They brush their fingertips on Lazy-Boys, on lampshades, on end tables and dildos. They fuck themselves with each item.

Crosswalk. Noise. Crosswalk. Noises of traffic. I see headlights before I hear that collapsing whoosh. I see headlights before I watch that collapsing whoosh encircle in the swirl of a rotating tire. My reflection exists for a millisecond inside that rotation. “Hi.” And it’s gone and replaced with another and another. I never recognize myself but it’s apparent that it’s me because of the unrecognizable quality of interchangeable moments that still confirm the unpredictability of now. Once a bored philosopher dipped his bare toe inside a river and declared it wouldn’t occur again. Once I watched my reflection rotate inside steel decorated to enhance the aesthetic banality of rubber. It happened sporadically. I was the same but each reflection was different. I am in that moment now but won’t be for long. Say hi as if we’ve never met.

I want the city to twinkle its statistics like an announcement. I want to understand each diagram of family life. I want to sit down at the table and divide my peas from their starch cousin and I want them to miss the other as I digest their bodies without concern.

I can peer out any window inside any building in the same city and notice something different about the city as I observe the city from each perspective and it’s still the same city. It changes. But not. Its changes are subtle, or perhaps it’s a missed observation. I notice wilting receipts ensnared by decomposing grass. I see them flap in the wind like a stationed flag. I close my eyes and they’re gone. It’s the same perspective. I can find the receipts and anchor them to the grass with duct tape. Same concept. Different appearance.

I’ll never believe in anything until I believe in everything at once. I’ll never believe in anything until I believe in everything at once. I’ll never believe.

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