What Does The Universe Reveal To Its Silent Children?


Mr. Draco walked like a shadow retiring its darkness for something lighter, steps familiar with a motion that eluded pace and elevated time to a flip-book skip. He was beneath the streetlight located on Main blowing breath in winter midnight when he spoke:

“Hey there little toy. Care to meet your maker?”

Intrigued by the reputation of such a downtown haunt that was the skag alleyways polluted with junky fanfare. I scuttled like a coconut crab carrying a heavy claw and displayed this weighted limb to his gaze eclipsed by his fedora’s shadow pulled close to his brow. He clutched my wrist and examined the dots.

“You’ve been exploring amateur corruption, little toy. Allow me to present something that’ll take you to the cosmos.”

He reached inside his bustling trench coat and fished around inside a hidden pocket and from it unleashed a vial. Through the glass shone a vapor brilliant and scentless as natural gas. He handed it to me. My fingers were coated in perspiration and as I held the bottle they misted the glass. Plumes of steam escaped my palms. They dissipated as they reached the streetlight buzzing above our heads.

“Smell the universe.”

I uncapped the vial and wafted the scentless vapor into my nasal cavity. Within seconds a shiver traveled up my spine which triggered a tingling impression in the back of my head. Numbness overtook my body…

“What have you done to me?” I whispered.

“My little toy,” he responded, “prepare to think like a star looking across darkness toward another galaxy.”

Darkness appeared the likes of which I’d never experienced. Waves of purple ambled across the darkness, bordering the waves were streaks of blue. Suddenly bright specks checkered randomly throughout the colors, blinking like headlights flashing their brights over and over.

“What’s happening!” I cried.

“Shhh…” a quiet voice replied with soft undertones. “You’ve returned home.”

The collage then swirled into a dark tunnel. All the colors disappeared. I gained consciousness inside a furniture less room that smelled of yeast and sulfur. I shook as I stood into a slanted stance and stammered over to a dirty window. I wiped dust off the glass and peered out at the street below. Mr. Draco was standing beneath the streetlight with a shadow playing across his face dark as the visions I’d encountered. Through the darkness appeared his smile his teeth were clenched and aligned perfectly. I shuffled backwards from the window and searched the room for an exit. I found a staircase and sprinted down the steps and out the door positioned at the bottom. Mr. Draco was further down the street with his back turned towards me. He looked over his shoulder and I could see the corner of his perfect teeth captured in a sneer. He then veered to his left and walked into an alleyway. I followed him but as I approached the alleyway there was only darkness and a soft voice that whispered,
“Shhh…you’ve left home.”

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