Laughing Humbly at Dirty Jokes


Time bound by multiple sitcom reruns
I learned the characters’ dialogue
Through muting their conversations
And studying lip sequences.
Averting O posture for something daintier
Like a silent Q. Useful as a question-
Like why did a wheelchair bound loner
Choose an addict to distribute their pain pills for profit?

Is greed profitable?

Liberals blame the healthcare system
Ironically conservatives do too.

I blame canned laughter.
“Appropriate guffaws”
Distinguished by focus groups
And human nature.

Granted I am a funeral jester.
A rainbow clad dunce
With vocal chords
That whisper like jingle bells
And a tongue
& heavy as brick. If I try to explain this
My tongue fluctuates and brandishes a wall
Where the bells reverberate against concrete.
I hide secrets in the cracking foundation
And feature laughter as tongue & cheek stunts
Complimented by a masonry skill set
So restrained by talent
I’d swear I wasn’t defeated
By calluses and hangnails.

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