My Review of 2016 AKA The Fairy Tale is Abolished


New Year’s Eve facilitates a fairy tale like quality exposing the innocence involved in a beast’s tremble as he shakes the petals from a rose’s bloom, or a handful of beans that grow a stalk upon which we climb to Heaven thinking Gods as giants, curiosity trumping fear so that we may face the giants with nothing more than David’s slingshot and a twinkle in our throats that sings, “NEXT YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT!” But different how? When we examine the past year’s memories it’s rather easy to only commemorate the atrocious sales man that traded us his beans for our cow. Sulking around social media posting pictures of his slimy smile illuminated by the caption: avoid this man at all costs. He ripped me off! But what did the man really sell us? He sold us a challenge. An opportunity to prove our mettle and climb that stalk where we face our adversaries and conquer them.
It’s no hidden truth that we’ve lost some valuable citizens (this pales in comparison to the friends I lost) and to them I promise I’ll polish their gravestones and allow 2016 to glint like it’s a whitened smile. What’s that old Dr. Seuss anecdote ‘don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.’ They happened and we happened with them and created wonderful happenings. Hell. I’ll forever sing Heroes as if Bowie never died.
Thus, when I am approaching those few seconds to midnight and counting down 2016’s expiration I’ll proudly strain my throat with the drunken ensemble surrounding me, matching their enthusiasm to proclaim: out with the old in with the new. But I’ll leave a bit of me in 2016, a skin flake memorial, this year was one of the worst I’ve experienced. Something this bold ought to be cemented so when another sales man reveals my ignorance I’ll simply look at the bean stalk in my backyard and think…here comes another climb…

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