Thoughts On The Women’s March In Madison.


I wish that every human life might be pure transparent freedom.”
-Simone de Beauvoir

Present as entropy is the details for further explanations expire upon accepting desired resolutions. What this means for current participants relies heavily on what’s experienced. The experiences of a pale male applied to current resolutions seems a steady course of smooth sailing and I surmise that at the moment I declared myself a feminist, in the car while driving to Madison, I desired the outcome of agreement, but as my partner vehemently described with a muffled guffaw and a whispered, “I am sure you do.” I took on the resolutions of my experiences while ignoring the truth that defined the moment. This was not about the pale male in context. We’ve had our fun as barbarians pillaging for property and function, though the principles of causation are debatable the collage of participants experiencing the march melded into one masterpiece on January 21st 2017 and they were certain of their imprint on the populace. The core purpose wasn’t that of protest but to make current authorities aware that a silent majority would place tampons in their gun barrels, fire them off and be silent no longer. As I strolled through a maze of marchers occupying State St. chants bleated from the sidewalks, from the steps of the Capitol a voice projected through a megaphone and was met with cheers. The noises functioned as one statement. I had no purpose here as a singular pale male, I was merely a sliver of something greater that would continue with or without me.

The outcome of the approaching years will be a series of takes between the haves and the have-nots. Each side gripping the dollar bill neglecting the oncoming tear, accepting it as time’s natural resolution. Some will fasten it with tape, others with staples, but the type of proper fix remains a constant debate. I guess, presently, I stand on the side of justice…but the pale male has been wrong before…

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