Nothing Permanent

US Speaker of the House Paul Ryan holds a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington

Officer idle
Quiet as the parking spots
Surrounding him. The windshield
Smells like a permanent marker-
I inscribe lullabies
On the scent
We inhale dreams
With exhaust. Nothing permanent
About them. Our social contract
That we surrender to shrapnel.

But I think poverty
Tastes like an exit wound. When I lick
Popsicles in winter
I envision cold steel
Ensnaring my tongue.
It’s a lover’s clench.
Nothing permanent
About it. At midnight

The city is a hollow vacuum
Begging for dust. We scratch off
Light abuse
For the bruise of darkness
Winces underneath. Saltines
Disseminate where exit wounds
Complain about their circumference.

They demand originality

Accepting poverty as commonplace?
Nothing permanent about it.

One thought on “Nothing Permanent

  1. Something about your latest offerings really reminds me of J.K. Huysmans’ work. It’s almost synesthetic – the way you free associate the different senses, imparting tastes, textures, colors – sensations – to abstract notions making them more immediately tangible. If you read him, you’ll see what I mean.


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