That Scent Smell.


“Do you smell that?”
“Yeah. It’s the scent of steam.”
“Yeah. It’s like, uh, raw or…”
Ponder the exclamation of raw, speak of meat, speak of
5 pounds of
“Raw? Curious. What would untouched air appear as?”
“You mean gas. What would raw gas appear as?”
When the day surrenders, and huddles its flicker
to perform a curtsy…
“Have you heard the term Negative Space?”
“What does that mean? How do you transform
Negative Space into positive space? Why does
The answer involve placing an item inside
To fill it?”
“Do you think it’s a scam?”
“Do I think reality is a scam?”
I do.
I’ve barely become
To recognize
The fragile patience of rot…
“I believe we’re all individuals competing for the same title?”
“Title…what’s that?”

And steam aromatizes the silence

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