The Natural Anthophilous Persuasion


When it comes to anthophilous persuasions, the kind that stubs cigarettes out in potted plants and misplaces smiling daisies among rows of white flowers, be certain that the compliments originate in the chest and project through the throat. This process ensures that mucus shall transpire as much holiness as the faux crucifix that traces itself through the motions of the process. This means one finger pauses on the forehead and descends and suspends a few inches above the navel where a gentle push promotes the final cause to spread arms and a touch of stigmata. Now. The anthophilous persuasion might tickle a Midwestern accent to declare that the holiness originates in the pronunciation of ‘A’ as ‘Eh.’ ‘Daises’ become ‘Ehises.’ Hatred for this pronunciation deletes the incumbent annunciation that obscures the normal American as something to be privatized. Privatized to be censored, not to be treasured. However, this creates a base for what belongs, IE what could be dubbed as normal in terms of American culture. To analyze the base one must study the repetition of catalyst, like water scorched to 212f, we understand the bubbles of language bursting around the petals expire as ‘O’ and possibly ‘Ah.’ Thus we enter the default state. The default American Anthophilous Persuasion State. Where ‘O’ and ‘Ah’ are recognized as the base and explains why the Midwestern ‘Eh’ defects itself through its default state. When we believe that the Deep State violates the default state, it’s possible that gophers are messiahs and earthworms their slaves. Vermin that navigate the meanderings to numb the anthophilous persuasions of those strolling above. Imagine a Midwestern child named Daisy (gender deleted) stooping to smell the fragrance of a sprouting sunny day only to watch the sun become eclipsed by an eager vermin pulling the blossom to an early grave. Is this a stolen joy? Is this a broken promise in the interest of a blossom that once it sprouts its essence is to please the Midwestern Daisies of the planet? In this sense the gopher is a liberator sans Castro emancipating agriculture from corporate investments. This is what revolution espouses: a thousand possibilities but only one outcome. Meanwhile the anthophilous persuasion slowly rots to a meager suggestion, but the essence of potential will bloom on…

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