The Anonymous Insight Derived From Injecting A Sunny Day


Flutter the nouns of depreciated addiction
From thine tongue
By blanketing it
Inside thine cheek. When the teeth collide
Smooth as a zipper
Sample the plaque
And serve it with a dipper,

Watch the familiar flags,
Planted to designate
Where utility lines
Transfer knowledge,
For momentary services.

For as I pick each one
While singing old folk songs

Mail boxes adjust their doors
To drool the packages
From their bodies. What a waste it is
To study headlights gleaming
In the noon-day market. Where mothers
Slap the plaque
From children’s zippers,
It’s Rorschach insignia
Enclosed under fingernails
Sifting through produce
Purchased as wholesale
From developing flags
That complicates the language
Of addiction.

Study the essence of the injection,
Raccoon fur & eyes
Trash beside an alarm clock
& caged birds screaming hallelujah
From a computer monitor,
The rest is a wanderlust…

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