Codependent And A Healthy Insane


I met a lover at a mental hospital.
She was anorexic
And would place her breakfast items
On my tray
To avoid consumption.
We lied to the nurses,
Falsifying claims
Of digestion. A nurse named Betty
Caught us fucking. We were separated
At night
But during rec time
We’d hold hands
On escorted nature walks
Around the sanatorium. We’d talk about
Smoking cigarettes.
Attending movies together,
Situations normal couples indulged.

We’re Facebook friends
And haven’t spoken
Since her discharge.

I sometimes clutch a pill bottle
They gave me
As a parting gift. I examine the light brown cylinder
And remember the Betadine stain
That loomed on the inside of her elbow
From when they injected her with saline.

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