Something Like A Love Poem?


in all love there resides an outlaw principle, an irrepressible sense of delinquency, contempt for prohibitions and a taste for havoc“- L. Aragon

What are the complexities of a sigh
That distinguish the lungs as breathless?

The stain of apology
Has blessed us.

I motion 3 syllables

Backward intent
Corrupting elusive lovers

That tend to their entrails
Like pilgrims cleaning their garments
After a wanderlust.

Babe. Sweetie. Fucker. Friend.
Who’s missing who
In the end?

Shall we deaden synchronized orgasms?
Kill Sex
Cut holes in our pupils
And describe the aesthetic value
Of blind desire?

Where would gender hide
From a pyre?

Lingering in the loins,

burnt! Commemorate this smile

By visiting before sunrise.

I’ll be seated at the edge
Counting garbage cans

Thinking of dandelions

And how I never stopped
Our first kiss
From happening.

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