Thoughts On Government Spending, ETC


Legislators employ the measurement, complete with tuxedo and ivory cane, styled with answers, styled like a leading question. Notice. Bills retire with a budget, they move to warmer climates and bask in the flames of oceanside views. This assures blame to be situated inside the hearts & minds of those crafting the budget for another fiscal cycle. Hot damn that’s clever. Democracy reassures this process by enforcing a revolving chamber complete with silver tongues and stiff iron rods, they “spare the rod.” Ideas that deal with faceless patrons have the privilege of indulging ambiguity, to define identity. Bills are then presented, either in the fashion of streamlined footage, in real-time, or internet fodder spread about like genital herpes, though we claim the crafter we still reverberate the claim, “all governments are the same.” If that were true then why complain? Same defines without qualm, same defines familiarity as accepted repetition, we produce the same because we enjoy the same, but even a lone stroll to the corner gas station reveals caricatures of human behavior diverse as the cliché is valuable, as I interact with the desk clerk who was trained to sustain the agreed upon P.R. conditions as per corporate studies, I glance at the headlines bleeding ink onto the newspaper rack. It’s rather perplexing how familiar repugnance has become to the human experience, but that’s how organic motion functions. Same as before, but bestowed to the public as folk music interspersed with metaphysical pizzazz.

Ignore diversity and love becomes the only answer.

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