Holy Beejeezus! Did You See The Size Of That Consumer?

maxresdefault (1)

“Jesus Christ! Did you hear that?”


“Sounded like someone stuck a fork into a toaster.”

“Oh, ha, yeah…I bought one of them bug zappers.”

Static function, capable of rupturing programmed methodology
By repeating the hiss, or crackle synonymous with dead air.

“Why did you get that?”

“I got it because them damn gnats always be floatin’ round
Landin’ in my lemonade and what-not.”

“Look at ‘em. They don’t even mind flyin’ into that thing and dying.
What do you think goes through their minds?”

“What do you mean? I don’t think they is thinkin’.”

A pixel pattern relinquishes its containment of a square & a
Shirt collar winces as a noose complemented with an argyle design
Tightens around the throat of a tycoon. He’s situated near a varnished
Cedar-wood table, birds are chirping and a jazz ensemble
Plays for a lunch crowd who are dressing the mundane
With rehearsed melodies.

“God. What a life. How long do you think they floatin’
Before they decide to suicide bomb that thing?”

“It ain’t no suicide.”

“They killin’ themselves it’s a suicide.”

“Yeah but they ain’t knowin’ they flyin’ to they death.”

“So what?”

“So, for a suicide you gotta wanta die. They ain’t wantin’ to die.”

“Guess that would make you a murderin’ son-of-a-bitch.”

When the reality is black & white
When the goldfish shimmer inside lonely water
When the jackass votes republican & vice versa
When peace corrupts
When the Devil forgives…
“Guess if that’s what you thinkin’ then God must be a murderin’ bastard too.”

“Guess so…”


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