When Someone Says They’re Better Than Before?

maxresdefault (1)

Impartial as a larynx analyzing its timbre.
What instigated
Was foil
With baking soda,
A messiah
Hid in the fractured glimmer

Generated by a heat lamp
Basking overhead.

We went there
To sleep in parked cars
And watch the open road
Remain still. “Kill your darlings.”
He mentioned,
Folding a paper crane
Out of a napkin he lifted
From the glovebox.

That was where suffocation discovered
A whip
& bondage. That was months ago,
But I hear the lashes
When my shoelaces
Flail and scrape sidewalk. “Kill your darlings.”
He said.
But they moved on
Despite their knack
For entrenchment.

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