Eat The Shark.


It wasn’t a practical request,

But late stage capitalism
Influences its consumers

And by embracing the fluctuating standards
Of her soul’s pricing department
I guess 20.00 sounded too cheap

To assist in an assassination.

She asked,
“I’m bored. Can I come over?”

And I replied with a 2am sneer,
“Sure I’ll give you 20.00 to come and kill me.”

I was exhausted from a 3-day drinking binge,
After my faux proposal
The exhaustion incentivized sleep.
I found myself dreaming
Of a sober morning.

I didn’t hear the police,
At first…
It was a welfare check.

She was confined
By paranoia
An onslaught of
Crystal meth induced
Good Sarmatian behavior,
That raised concern
And alerted the authorities
Of my bizarre

I assured them
That I value life
Above a 20.00 ceiling-

The appraisals of everyday moments
Aren’t met with market equilibrium.

It’s something simple
That keeps us here. Something accessible
Beyond the confines of linear time
And a leap of faith. I said to the police,
“Hey guys…look I don’t even have 20.00
And if I did I would’ve spent it on pizza.”

2 thoughts on “Eat The Shark.

  1. Are you serious? Or are you just being all Jean Cocteau-like and acting at the poet – “a liar who tells the truth”?
    Haha High or not she obviously lacks the a couple of genes – the ones that encode intelligence, humor & sarcasm.


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