Market Don Juan Because Competition Is All About Can Do!


There’s little discord between the ancient and the current incarnation of homo-erectus, or rather previous renditions of biped splendor that rot my thoughts and leave the decision to familiarity sans repetition, I guess I got no moment than now, but the foremost choice rendered that has left donkeys and elephants deserted in the ether…competition. As natural as a sex drive and more marketable too. This inquires, does sexuality exist due to competition? Or rather are the two interacting like the lonely often do? Does this portray the lone graybeard sitting idly on a park bench feeding squirrels as some type of pervert competing with other gray-haired rodents shifting through the treetops? Is the hunger a squirrel exhibits for nuts merely a metaphor for sexual dominance? “We digest the genitalia of those we defeat!” Vlad the Impaler takes on new meaning when organized as a macho brosiph, forgiving the heads on stakes, he’s staking out victims with a blood rushed head stalking the alleyways and back corner haunts where only paid-for-company shall sing his praise as a conqueror. Ancient Don Juans, Libertines, Romeos and charmers alike drop the nickel in the fountain and declare consumerism a death wish. The overall scheme of competition is a penny for yr thoughts. Dammit. They’re worth more than neglected copper and bus fare. It’s the tool of manipulation, man, not the contest that guides the economist’s sex drive, lonely as a single head, rotting on a stake, basking underneath that familiar star.

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