4am Ouroboros


An inquisition that breeds insult happens at the checkout aisle while unloading sundries onto the conveyer belt and the cashier proposes the question, “did you find everything you were looking for?” At first this seems polite, but upon examination it’s a defeatist stance when applied to the consumer. What type of sloth-like biped gives up searching for an item and saunters away empty handed? There are procedures to ensure a successful pursuit, grocery list, coupon clipping, I envision these people have clean SUVs and Priuses, they probably station themselves at the dinner table admiring the glossy shimmer of a catalog, scanning the living room, deciphering where a lamp would add the proper amber glow to compliment the wicker cabinets. I don’t know, clearly, I facilitate the opposite of this, but when I enter the market I have an item in mind. If I cannot find it, I either replace it with a sundry of equal delight or ask for help from an $8.00 an hour smile. What bothers me most about this scenario is that it occurred often enough to be applied as a regular proposal. A grand sect of the consumer base must’ve been asking the checkout clerks where the freaking toilet paper was, or either frowning with God-like strength, or complaining because they couldn’t handle the weight of their failure. This was a solution to a problem, it wasn’t the natural progression of P.R. flow. Having worked (and currently working) in the customer service province I can attest to the stupidity of the consumer, always delighting the ego in lieu of the facts. If, as a society, we cannot accept responsibility for something simple as bewilderment, what we propose as important will remain a chasm of online reviews and 1-800 numbers.

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