The Orange Cap Saga


A taut plot that wrought

An Orange Cap to be sought

Docile and kempt
With an unveiling spent

“Stay awake”

And the fashion
As it went

Placed the Orange Cap

Beside a sundry

Stationed at a picnic
Of reprobates

That felt the need



Calvin has a hunchback,
At the tip of his bedeviled shoulder blade
Is a dimple,

A dimple resides too
On the slouching shoulder blade,

When he walks upright

The dimples blink
The left one even winks

He uses an Orange Cap
To amuse the others.

He places it between vertebrae
Jutting out
Where the tip of his spine
Ought to be,
And walks in a circle

Like a camel miming
Ring Around The Rosie.

He was a class clown.
He needed to be.

He’s a fool now.
For the same reason.

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