Revenge Of The Repressed Teenage Cockroach


A litany of newsworthy components
Fastened to door jambs,
Rove & rattle off broken hinges.
The door slams
& violent delinquents saunter
To boxes.

A package on the doorstep,
Fissures formed
On the wrinkled surface
Of the cardboard,
Saturated with puppy drool.

From beneath the sink a cockroach appears.
He wriggles his antennae,
Focuses intently
On what he considers viable literature.

A poem made of ketchup.
A song inside the garbage can.
A kiss to the blades of the ceiling fan.

He lifts a speck of dirt
Plays with it like a bored hippie
Lobbing their Hacky Sack from toe to toe.

He’ll be squashed by empty boxes
If the distraction persists,
But in the moment
Of kissing ceiling fans
The wind caresses
What becomes painful
In the end.

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