A Polite Bow To The Vegans In The Room


Portrait of a chimpanzee accomplished using acrylic paint,
But rumor specifies a bust of Churchill in the White House.
A bedframe spread like a skeletal system to which I draped
Human colors across, aligning sunshine with shadows
Nailed to the walls. I heard a bovine escaped a slaughterhouse
And sprinted throughout Manhattan. Citizens were aghast, stunned
That a slaughterhouse was located close enough for a bovine to
Escape from, liberated on a Monday morning he was captured
By Tuesday afternoon. They slaughtered him like art in Times Square,
Like Kurtz
Butchering a steer while reciting poetry for the adoring public.

Portrait of an ethical quandary framed and hung above a skeletal bedframe,
Human colors adjusted spectacles to observe the reasoning behind the spread.

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