A Name For Every Window Stain


Tenants of my apartment complex
Often catch me shirtless by my bedroom window typing.
I hear them whisper to ancient lovers at night: did you see him again?
I want to whisper back: go away. I’m working.
They’re not aware…
I have a child’s blood on my bedsheet.
We fucked the velvet from existence,
& coddled a fetus,
Displaced in-utero. A blanket of morning comforts
The ill-advised philanderers. Time progresses not in 24, but from a lack
Of alcohol & pills. I hold a blanket dipped in woodgrain
Against the bedroom window. I say: look here’s a story
Name the tree. Once we name the dead.
Once we name the dead. Once we name the dead
The dead can remember…By ignoring lucid suffering,
We become complacent. 3 pills per sunrise. 2 pills per nightfall.
I swallow them up with a sip of madness for lubrication. Tender
Is the throat waiting to be cut?

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